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  • Foxconn in secret talks with Trump

    Foxconn, including its grand pooh-bah Terry Gou, had secret talks with the White House presumably looking for sweeteners for a $7 billion plus US...

  • Microsoft profit slumps a bit

    Software King of the World Microsoft slightly missed Wall Street’s average revenue estimate for the latest quarter on Thursday.

    The Tame Apple Press has rushed...

  • Tech firms not worried about war with North Korea

    Global electronics firms are not particularly concerned if Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump declares war on North Korea.

    There is some concern among the Tame...

  • Amazon’s cloud and retail booming

    Amazon retail and cloud computing sales rose in the first quarter, better than what the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street predicted.

    The online bookseller...

  • Samsung makes a killing

    Samsung had earnings which were stronger than a Sardinian cheese after posting a solid first quarter profit boosted by its memory chip business.

    While the...

  • Hackers exploited a Word hole for months

    Hackers exploited a hole in Microsoft Word while Vole effectively tried to get more detail on the flaw.

    The flaw, CVE-2017-0199, was dangerous but not...

  • German hackers ask cash for their work

    You have to admire the balls of a group of German hackers who dub themselves XMR Squad.

    The outfit spent all last week launching DDoS...

  • Nokia sees Finnish of bleak sales

    Finnish network equipment maker Nokia reported a slowing rate of sales decline, saying the global networks market was showing signs of recovery.

    Nokia and its...

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